Bulk Generate Programmatic Pages for WordPress

Create the websites of your choice with programmatic SEO easily. Connect to your WordPress website, upload your CSV, and Generate!

“I was able to set up an entire actor biography website in less than an hour. All I had to do was put together the data in a spreadsheet, and the website created hundreds of beautiful, professional pages perfectly formatted for me.”.

John S., Entertainment Blogger

“IAs an entrepreneur looking to build niche sites quickly, this tool has been invaluable. I managed to create an automotive specifications site with over 500 pages covering various car models with minimal effort on my part.”

Sarah D., Website Builder

“I used the Bulk Page Creator to generate location pages for my local services business. With the templates and automatic publishing to WordPress, I was able to optimize and scale my lead generation rapidly compared to creating pages manually.”

Mark R., Marketing Agency Owner

PostBuilder.io in Action

1. Create CSV

Create a CSV file with the data you want to use to build the WordPress posts.

You can set the column names in the CSV as placeholders or variables that you can use in your WordPress content settings.

2. Create Placeholders

Add the column names that you want to use inside your post as placeholders or variables. These placeholders must be present in your CSV header.

3. Set up your post

Create your post content, title, slugs, and other post data using the placeholders.

4. Authorize & Publish

Connect WordPress

Connect your website to your Page Builder template.


Upload a CSV, and click on Publish.

Why PostBuilder.io?

No code paradise

We are inclusive enough to build a tool for non-tech users! Don’t know how to code and don’t want to learn? We got you!

Cheaper than hiring a team of 10

Hiring experts for multiple roles can be expensive and often hard to coordinate. Save some money and time here!

The solo “be-all-end-all” solution

You can do it all on your own with PageBuilder.io! From writers to coders, we are all of it for you.


Free Plan


  • 1 template per account
  • Up to 500 pages at once
Premium Plan


  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Pages