No Theme Dependency

No matter what theme you have going on, our elements and templates are uber flexible and will work with everything.

Amazon Partner Networks

You can connect any of Amazon’s partner networks.

Tracking ID

Automatically create affiliate links with your personal tracking ID.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems.

Product Data Storage

Product information will be stored locally to prevent additional API requests.

Prepared Templates

There are a lot of templates, all ready to use, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of customizing something new.

Design Customisation

You can customize the plugin’s output through customization settings, or write your own CSS styles.

Comparison Tables

You have your pick of whatever kind of tables you’d like: horizontal boxes, vertical boxes, tables, lists, etc.

Text Links *

You can use shortcodes to insert links seamlessly in running texts.

Product Boxes

An appealing display of product information means higher conversions for specific products, which these product boxes will help you do.

Data Fields

Display specific product information anywhere on the page.


Add product boxes and sidebar lists through prepared widgets.


Secure connection support for SSL/HTTPS

Powerful Settings

Customize every aspect of our plugin according to your needs via Plugin Settings

Google Sheets to WP *

Easily import your posts from Google Sheets to WordPress with one click.

Translation Ready

Plugin follows proper translation support guidelines by WP.

Developer Friendly

Support for other developers using plugin functions and WordPress hooks.

* Coming soon in v2.0